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Copywriting, Editing & Proofing

Based in Christchurch, Ideas Unlimited is a specialist Copywriting service providing creative, compelling content.

I’m a full-time Freelance Copywriter, with over 20 years’ Copywriting experience. My Copywriting work has included websites, online content, print collateral, video scripts and radio campaigns.  Read Testimonials

No charge for first hour of consultation. We can cover a lot in an hour; meeting in person, or consulting by phone/Skype. I can then send copy by email or via cloud file-sharing – e.g. Dropbox. So even though I’m based in Christchurch, distance isn’t an issue.

Rates: I prefer to charge by hourly rate, and have a lower rate for Editing/Proofing. My rates are very reasonable and I’m always honest about how long a project has taken.

Estimate / Fee: When it’s clear what’s needed and how the information will be gathered, I may be able to provide an Estimate of the total fee. For repeat or regular work of a similar nature, negotiating a set Fee is also possible.

I understand that it may require a ‘leap of faith’ to begin a new working relationship… If you prefer, I can work on part of your copywriting project, then only proceed once you have checked and approved the initial copy. So whether you have the writing skills but not enough time, or you know your strengths lie elsewhere, let’s talk.

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Copywriting, Marketing & Advertising Ideas

Need some help developing a concept? Perhaps you’d like to brainstorm some ideas – I love that aspect of my work!

A different perspective can spark a great idea, or at least the beginnings of one. Ideally the goal is to establish a concept with longevity (‘legs’); the potential to create variations on the theme, without it becoming overly predictable, or irrelevant.

One way to help determine whether you’re on the right track with your concept, is this simple test: If a competitor’s name was substituted, would the copy or concept still be useable / true / relevant? If the answer is yes, the concept may be too generic.

There’s no charge for your first hour of consultation time, so get in touch – let’s get those ideas flowing.

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Copywriting Advice, Tips & Strategy

Helpful advice, an objective opinion… I’m here if you have questions about creating or editing written content. Make use of my experience – I’ve been a Copywriter for over 20 years, writing for a range of mediums.

A fresh set of eyes can help you decide which direction to take, or confirm that you’re already on the right track. I’m honest, diplomatic, and practical. Most importantly, I’ll take the time to learn about your business.

I don’t charge for your first hour of consultation time,  so get in touch, and ask away!

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